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Fuck Suddenlink. It’s expensive enough paying for just 10mbs, yup that is what I am suppose to get. But look at this shit ^^^, wtf is this?!
Oh, and now….. Suddenlink decides that shitty service is not enough, they are now capping the bandwidth!
"150-gigabyte cap for download service of speeds less than 10 megabytes per second.
250-gigabyte cap for speeds between 10 and 20 megabytes per second.
350-gigabyte cap for speeds greater than 20 megabytes per second.”
I sadly use around 300 or so a month. I download a crap ton of music and movies. Also I refuse to pay for cable so we stream Netflix and Hulu Plus. Oh and don’t forget all the gaming I do. Unfortunately they are the monopoly around here. There is nothing else, unless I were to get satellite. :’(
Jan 15th 2012 ยท Tags: #I hate you :( #Suddenlink
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